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While the C-Suite has stepped up and embraced technology and undergone considerable change, how are today’s C-Suite leaders adapting to multigenerational leadership, coupled with developing future leaders for a C-Suite role they know little about?

The new opportunity is a welcome shift in the C-suite makeup. As more of the younger tech-savvy professionals rise in their careers with a growing demand for more diversity and inclusion, the recruitment and retention landscape will evolve from traditional models. We’ll witness the acceleration of millennials and Gen Z to crucial positions in the C-suite across industries. It’s an exciting time to leverage our youth’s skills, creativity, knowledge, and innovation!

As a mother of four children, I can see the future C-suite becoming shaped by the rise of younger technology-savvy generations. So, what is our role in supporting a prudent use of technology in tomorrow’s leaders? We need to help them find the balance between soft skills like empathy and resilience coupled with technology use all while teaching them how it applies to multigenerational leadership. With the continued evolution and innovations, the future C-suite is ripe with opportunities to transform itself to appear more like the agile organization it leads while embracing the core competencies of great leadership.


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通过将您的公司团队与销售联系起来,获得战略优势 //www.emowv.com/gaining-strategic-advantage-by-connecting-your-corporate-team-with-sales/ 乔治Zimny 星期一,21 june 2021 10:00:59 +0000 策略 人力资本 的意见 销售 团队建设 竞争优势 行政领导 //www.emowv.com/?p=118323 在过去的18年里,我一直带领销售团队走过销售战争的战壕。我经历了公司& # 8230;< / p > < p > post < rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.emowv.com/gaining-strategic-advantage-by-connecting-your-corporate-team-with-sales/ " >获得战略优势通过连接您的企业团队与销售< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.emowv.com " > N2Growth < / >。< / p >



  1. 透明沟通:前几天我会见了一家价值10亿美元的全球钢铁公司的首席财务官,她还谈到了在所有职能部门的沟通中都要有礼貌地直接。没有什么比“感觉良好”但缺乏目的性和透明度的对话更糟糕的了。在你拿起电话之前,想一想你的信息的意图,并勾勒出你希望谈话进行的方式。然后找出一件你欣赏的关于你打电话给的人的事情,并大声对自己说出来。这会让你的思想和心灵为有目的的会议做好准备。整个C-Suite的另一个策略(无论功能如何)是每周/每月花时间与销售人员(新手或老手)打招呼。不要说闲话,不管他们是否向你汇报,这都无关紧要!打电话之前,只需打个招呼,尽最大努力在通话结束时了解对方的新情况。
  2. 把手弄脏:有意计划进入销售领域,然后再去做。不管你是在财务部门还是领导营销团队。参观“战壕”!作为一家价值数百万美元的保险公司的总裁,我每个季度至少有3-5天会进入这个领域,与我的顶级老兵以及后起之秀们形影不离。我想知道他们在运营层面上的需求,而世界上没有一个数据点或电子表格可以胜过仅仅看到他们的行动。如果你不能进入这个领域,那么就参加几个季度的Zoom销售会议来倾听。检查你期望的东西的最好方法是直接潜入!我最近与保险业重要参与者的首席人力资源官。他告诉我,他有意花大量时间与他们的独立销售代表通电话,谈论影响他们业绩的各种话题。他证实,这些“现场”对话提供了宝贵的见解,并提供了一个很好的建立关系的途径,以弥合销售与随着时间的推移自然出现的公司差距。不要害怕每个季度都做你自己的卧底老板,而不必做卧底。
  3. 许多公司都采用了称为首席收入官的高级职位(CRO)在公司收入战略、营销和业务发展(销售)计划之间架起桥梁。在他题为CRO成为收入驱动机器的三种方式https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinessdevelopmentcouncil/people/kevinknieriem/?sh=164076597f45“target=“\u blank”rel=“noopener”>凯文·尼尼里姆·克罗(Clari的首席执行官)写道,“在这个新环境中,销售是一个更加复杂和微妙的过程,营销团队和销售团队之间没有明确的交接。因此,与我共事的成功公司正在采用完全漏斗责任制的范例,这意味着收入团队-营销、销售和客户成功-在整个采购过程中不断标记团队合作和沟通。”
  4. Give when they don’t expect it: All employees and contractors love to feel valued, especially salespeople. However, the greatest value is felt when they receive the recognition they aren’t expecting. Find opportunities to create surprise and awe campaigns to delight your sales force. As an example, my wife and I use a $30 Elf on the Shelf with our daughters during the holidays. Our elf continues to provide years of holiday fun and bliss for our family. Every morning Buddy the Elf appears in a different location in our home, and our girls wake in anticipation of the unknown location! The author of Giftology, John Ruhlen, writes, “Tangible gifts through the year are a very subtle way to communicate that your employees are valued. When they feel valued, they respond accordingly in their jobs, their responsibilities, and their accountability.”
  5. Catch people doing things right: For the next week, count how many times you criticize your sales leaders for missing targets, as well as the number of times you catch your sales force doing things right. As a general rule of thumb, you should catch them doing five things right for every 1 point of criticism.

As leaders of corporations, we can’t expect ourselves to do everything right all of the time. In the same vein, we can’t predict the business development sales function to be perfect either. Do we value our customers? Absolutely! Do we value our board? Of course! Do we value our corporate peers? Every Day! Remember that without the sales function we wouldn’t have any of the latter! 

A peer once told me that business has a heartbeat. For most companies, that “heartbeat” is its sales force. 


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在印度,高管猎头安置后的过渡培训增加成功 //www.emowv.com/transition-coaching-after-executive-search-placement-increases-success-in-india/ (Kunal Jha 星期一,6月14日22:23:06 +0000 领导 企业文化 猎头 执行咨询 高管培训 转换和领导 猎头 csuite 领导咨询 //www.emowv.com/?p=118170

/ Kunal Jha &大约15年前,高管培训在印度几乎是闻所未闻的。今天[& # 8230;]< / p > < p >的<一个rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.emowv.com/transition-coaching-after-executive-search-placement-increases-success-in-india/ " >过渡教练猎头位置增加成功后在印度< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.emowv.com " > N2Growth < / >。< / p >

Kunal Jha&Kelli Vukelic


印度公司正在聘请这批训练有素的教练来帮助培养和培养适合过渡到高级职位的领导者,他们通过从较低内部职位晋升的领导者和经验丰富的高管来提高绩效最近,许多组织在印度也意识到了转型辅导的好处//www.emowv.com/services/executive-search/“target=“\u blank”rel=“noopener”>执行搜索位置



  • 高级领导的过渡期辅导可以在培养自我意识方面发挥内在的支持作用。一位优秀的高管教练有一种方法可以将高级领导者中的佼佼者发挥出来有了正确的问题和指导,教练将支持新高管采取适当的行动,变得更加自我意识,并通力合作,为所有人创造有利的环境。
  • 帮助高管了解公司价值观和文化。



      • 一个好的教练可以在不引起不满的情况下为新高管提供指导和纠正。即使是最资深的领导者也认识到,他们需要一定程度的外部支持,以了解和弄清楚他们的情绪触发因素和思维模式,从而更好地整合,取得更大的成功和生产力。


      • 我们在提供过渡期指导的同时,还会遇到具有高度天赋和能力的高管。他们通常拥有一套有形的管理、决策和其他技术领导技能,这是他们选择和安置的主要标准。尽管如此,我们’;我发现,技术能力等有形技能本身并不总是足以成功地适应新的高级职位,而移情和建立信任等无形技能在管理人员应对新组织变革时至关重要。

      对于人力资源和人才获取方面的领导者来说,为您的团队提供专业指导的投资将在未来几年为您的组织和执行团队带来回报。敏锐的教练可以帮助高管快速了解工作的优先顺序,深入研究,起草行动计划,并获得成功organizational results.

      Working with a coaching professional is a legitimate career accelerator, and the benefits can be limitless. Our executive search firm offers transition coaching to our clients to help the newly appointed executive refine big ideas, architect change in a new culture, and evolve one’s executive leadership style to maximize business impact early on.

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      Darrin Williams, Southern Bancorp首席执行官 //www.emowv.com/doing-well-by-doing-good-with-darrin-williams-ceo-southern-bancorp/ 杰弗里•科恩 星期一,3 May 2021 09:00:18 +0000 的意见 领导 业务 188bet金宝搏体育 首席执行官 领导 //www.emowv.com/?p=116755 首席执行官南部Bancorp < / > < / h3 > < p > post < rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.emowv.com/doing-well-by-doing-good-with-darrin-williams-ceo-southern-bancorp/ " >与达·威廉姆斯为善者诸事,CEO南部Bancorp < / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.emowv.com " > N2Growth < / >。< / p > Mad Money” on CNBC touting their new partnership.  On the show, Moynihan was effusive in his praise of Williams, citing his ability to make a profit while helping the communities the bank served. It was a model for the future.

      And it caught Professor Henderson’s eye. For two decades she focused on organizations that were doing nothing short of reinventing capitalism by introducing innovative new business models. In her case study, she focused on the inflection point currently faced by the company.  Should Southern Bancorp consider a public offering in the red-hot IPO NYSE market? Or should the bank continue to seek private investments, like the one Brian Moynihan recently provided?

      One thing was certain in Darrin’s mind.  The mission must continue. “Our people are values-driven and we make a real impact in underserved communities.” Regardless of the bank’s future capital structure, the mission would live on. In this interview, we talk to Darrin about the bank’s mission, his personal values, and much more.

      *This interview is presented by CEO Fellows in partnership with N2Growth- Request to join our exclusive leadership forum and have conversations with our Culture Champions here. We invite you to share your story and get feedback from iconic leaders like Darrin Williams, executive advisors, top leadership professors, and gifted students from around the world.

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      突破|科技创新新前沿 //www.emowv.com/breaking-through-a-new-frontier-of-technology-and-innovation/ TeodoraĆosić 周四,29 Apr 2021 09:00:12 +0000 的意见 策略 技术 技术 颠覆性创新 //www.emowv.com/?p=116631 我们正在见证一个全新范式的诞生,[…]

      The post Breaking Through | a new Frontier of Technology and innovation first appeared on< a rel="nofollow"href = " //www.emowv.com " > N2Growth < / >。< / p >

      We are witnessing the creation of an entirely new paradigm, a fierce wave of technological innovation boosting generations of new businesses and business leaders.

      Blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 3D printing, and robotics are among the most important technologies of today’s rapidly changing world. The pace of technological applications and innovations has increased significantly in recent years. These new ideas are so revolutionary that many believe our future will be completely different because of them.

      This immense expansion of digital space has left us in dire need of advanced cybersecurity measures. Global connectedness is blurring borders and time zones.  As each piece of new technology hits the market, scam artists worldwide are becoming increasingly more crafty in their approach to exploit vulnerabilities in security and have left us exposed to digital attacks.

      Connectedness has had an enormous effect on our economies and our livelihood. The biggest crisis of the century, the COVID-19 pandemic, represents an excellent opportunity to deploy new technologies. While under enormous time pressures to produce solutions quickly and tackle modern needs during an ongoing crisis, these challenges have revealed cybersecurity issues, legal and regulatory issues, and socio-ethical dilemmas caused when applied in real-life situations. Security remains top of mind, whether it be our fundamental rights, privacy, health, or business, in the wake of our current issues. 

      Being a rational optimist, I tend to view changes as an array of new opportunities. When put to work, new technologies create many positive ripple effects on the global market, spawning some of today’s most exciting new businesses, even creating whole new industries and movements around them. Nonetheless, these changes are everything but easy to implement because they challenge traditional ways of thinking and doing business. It takes a unique mindset to execute them. 

      As a few recent examples, Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, is changing the face of finance as the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network powered by its users with no central authority or intermediaries. Clubhouse, launched as the original voice-only platform, is changing the social media game with how people interact in real-time with each other. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are breaking through in the art world, making a solid mark for digital art. Lastly, Bitclout is the first social media platform built on blockchain technology, paving the way for influence monetization.  

      There are numerous ways in which the application of new technologies completely changed the way we respond to emergencies and health crises. Recently AI and blockchain have emerged as critical technologies in epidemic management by tracking the spread of COVID-19, managing insurance payments, maintaining medical supply chains, donation tracking pathways, and the vaccination roll-out.

      “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” – Theodore Levitt

      These are just a few examples of how creativity and innovation can make a fundamental change, creating a massive ripple effect bringing more ideas and opportunities to life. Undoubtedly, some of these concepts take more time to become mainstream than others. Still, all of them take belief, courage, dedication, optimism, and leadership with a strong vision, especially in the face of peril.

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      Stefania Mallett, ezCater创始人创造了10亿美元的独角兽 //www.emowv.com/stefania-mallett-founder-of-ezcater-creates-a-1b-unicorn/ 杰弗里•科恩 星期一,22 Mar 2021 10:00:35 +0000 人力资本 的意见 人才 188bet金宝搏体育 //www.emowv.com/?p=115486 要抓住男人的心,先抓住他的胃。至少,我祖母是这么形容的。[…]

      The post The post Stefania Mallett turned this old idea into a billion-dollar tech unicorn called ezCater.  Along the way, she learned some valuable lessons about leadership and culture.

ezCater is a global marketplace for business catering.  Their strategy is to use technology and reliable service to consolidate the highly fragmented foodservice industry. The company was sparked when Stefania noticed that doctors in local hospitals were running like chickens with no heads, from appointment to appointment. When they had a few minutes to spare, physicians would run to their local hospital cafeteria and suffer through bland menu choices.  Why not give these busy doctors more choice, Stefania reckoned?

Confident in her idea, she piloted her plan in two markets—her hometown of Boston and Greensboro, North Carolina. Each market did reasonably well.  But the real ‘aha’ moment was the realization that more doctors would sign up if she could convince more food suppliers to add their menus to ezCater’s offering.  Every entrepreneur, particularly ones trying to create a virtual marketplace, must do two things at once—get both buyers and sellers to their platform. As Stefania recollects, it’s like pushing two big stones up the hill at the same time. It takes grit and perseverance. 

It worked.  ezCater’s business took off. Orders started pouring in. Stefania then started focusing on tightening key processes, upgrading the technology platform, and creating a meritocratic culture where anyone could share their ideas and make improvements. Most of all, she learned to hire great people, give them autonomy and never micromanage them! 

As a leader, Stefania uses equally well both the left and right sides of her brain.  The right-sided genius in her encourages creativity, contemplative discussions, and new product features.  The left-side, no doubt strengthened while she completed her electrical engineering degree at MIT, looks at complex problems with analytic rigor, focusing on the most salient issues and quickly discarding the noise.  Her leadership style trickled down and across the entire ezCater business, creating a culture that attracted, inspired, and helped talent reach their full leadership potential. Things were rocking and rolling by early 2020.

But as COVID-19 reared its ugly head in March 2020, she needed every bit of her brain and a healthy dose of resilience to survive the crisis.  Her investors stood by her.  She had earned their trust.  But many questions lingered by the spring of 2021.  Would customers stick by ezCater?  How would the growing footprint of uber eats and other foodservice apps impact their business? How would covid impact global expansion? Should the company go public or stay private?

*This interview is presented by CEO Fellows in partnership with N2Growth- Request to join our exclusive leadership forum and have conversations with our Culture Champions here. We invite you to share your story and get feedback from iconic leaders like Stefania Mallett, executive advisors, top leadership professors, and gifted students from around the world.

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Sid Meier的《文明》游戏带给我的商业经验 //www.emowv.com/what-sid-meiers-civilization-game-taught-me-about-business/ TeodoraĆosić Mon, 08 Mar 2021 13:00:04 +0000 业务 的意见 策略 改变游戏规则 //www.emowv.com/?p=114813 从小我就开始玩电子游戏,我最喜欢的游戏之一就是Sid Meier的《文明》。

The post What Sid Meier 's Civilization Game Taught Me About Business首次出现在N2Growth.

从小我就玩电子游戏,我最喜欢的游戏之一是Sid Meier的文明。基于回合的策略游戏出现在90年代早期,自首次推出以来,该游戏有了显著的发展,每个版本都有新的挑战需要玩家解决。正如本文标题所示,我’;我想和大家分享一下Sid Meier&(8217;s的文明游戏教会了我商业和策略




  • 就像在业务中一样,在游戏开始时,你必须知道你打算走哪条胜利之路,因为它会指引你以后的所有选择。如果没有明确的战略,您会迷失在运营和开发需求中,最终,其他人会将您打败。它帮助我养成了评估风险和制定替代方案的习惯。
  • 竞争

    • 要打败它们,首先,你必须学会如何应对它们。如果您想在游戏中领先,您可以构建


    • 与任何企业一样,您的帝国需要资源,而这些资源是稀缺的。您的任务是最有效、最经济地分配和安排可用资源。从这个角度来看,数学是非常简单的:如果你在一个领域大肆挥霍,那么在另一个领域你就会落空。但情况并非总是如此,尤其是当你建立了能够产生更多收入的东西时,但在适当的时间做这件事是至关重要的。
    • 时间和优先级管理

      • 在我看来,这是取胜的关键。当你掌握了这一课,没有什么能阻止你。设置优先级是最具挑战性的任务,即使对专业人士来说也是如此,很多事情都是同时进行的,你很容易迷失在其中。因此,如果在这方面还有改进的余地,不要感到沮丧;这发生在我们最好的人身上。制定初始战略有助于确定优先级和时间管理,因为它可以让你更好地了解胜利之路及其阶段。这样,你就会知道哪些任务比其他任务更重要,尤其是那些需要更多时间的任务。
      • 请注意,如果你不知道周围发生的变化,盲目遵循你的策略可能会很快导致你输掉比赛。当游戏中的新信息发生变化时,发现你的计划何时需要修改是很重要的。这类似于当市场在业务上发生变化时改变方法。
      • 文化和人员管理

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        新冠肺炎后,女性首席管理层将会是什么样子? //www.emowv.com/what-will-female-c-suite-leadership-look-like-post-covid-19/ 凯利Vukelic 星期一,22 Feb 2021 14:00:36 +0000 策略 领导 猎头 执行招聘 女性首席执行官 女性领导者 女性在董事会 //www.emowv.com/?p=114001 < p >频谱管理者领导力的构成是明显不同于过去十年左右(& # 8230;)< / p > < p >的<一个rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.emowv.com/what-will-female-c-suite-leadership-look-like-post-covid-19/ " > post COVID女性管理者领导力会怎么样?首先出现在N2Growth.

        1. The composition of 168博金宝 across the spectrum is notably different than it used to be ten or so years ago. Recent stats from Deloitte show that females in the C-suite now account for 28% of the overall composition, a marked uptick from 18.6% a decade ago.

        But as the world emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, it has become clear that the pandemic’s economic and social tolls have disproportionately affected women. So, what is in store for women C-suite leaders in the post COVID era? I believe female executives will leverage lessons learned this year to emerge into 2021 stronger and more supportive, pulling more women back to organizations into leadership roles. 

        Female executives should be at the frontline of emerging C-suite roles

        COVID-19 has taught business leaders the real power of expanding diversity in the C-suite. We’ve witnessed emerging senior leadership roles steer organizations successfully through the pandemic. However, what’s even more interesting is that women occupy the vast majority of these emerging C-suite roles.

        As such, women executives should position themselves for success in these new roles, from chief data officer, chief digital officer, and chief innovation officer to chief sustainability officer and chief transformation officer. What’s more, many of these C-suite positions typically don’t have a set career path, so women can use various avenues to get there, and CEOs should pave the way for them to do so in 2021. 

        There’s great value in resilient leadership

        Women 168博金宝 have managed organizations of all sizes through one of the most sweeping crises in recent history. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, emotional intelligence played a large part in that success. 

        Women in the c-suite should leverage empathy and purpose to guide their organizations and teams through the remainder of this crisis. Resilient leadership will help leaders respond appropriately, restructure, and ultimately thrive past COVID. In other words, we should renew our investment and commitment to a positive attitude and a strong sense of future opportunity even during times of turbulence. 

        It’s crucial to pay power forward

        In a year replete with uncertainty and crisis, women leaders have learned that power is wielded and won today through social impact more than ever before. It’s an excellent opportunity for female c-suite executives to be at the forefront of the fight for social and economic justice by paying their power forward.

        In this way, they can accelerate economic opportunity, rebuild stronger teams, address systemic inequality, and advance gender equality mandates.

        Setting the gold standard for competent executive leadership

        In a world reshaped by COVID, women executive leaders have emerged as the new role models of competent leadership. Not just that, their efforts offer the business world an innovative blueprint for pulling through crises. We’ll continue to see this in 2021 as female c-suite executives showcase that gender equity in senior leadership teams plays a crucial role in rebuilding and recovery.

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        当一位首席财务官的“头在云端”是一件好事 //www.emowv.com/when-a-cfos-head-in-the-cloud-is-a-good-thing/ TeodoraĆosić Mon, 08 Feb 2021 15:00:23 +0000 领导 管理 数字转换 科技 首席财务官 猎头 领导和技术 数字转换 //www.emowv.com/?p=113807 有一个头脑模糊的首席财务官;

        The post When a CFO’Is a Good Thing first appeared on N2Growth.


        由于首席财务官必须监督公司的数字活动,并解决传统财务职能之外的问题,他们的直接报告数量正在上升。越来越难驾驭越来越多的责任。 This scenario is why changing the 168博金宝  and redefining the CFO profile requirements are long overdue. 

        My approach to these placements comprised a thorough analysis of its evolutionary road from a traditional finance function to a strategic, tech-savvy, global leadership finance position that has a pivotal role in C-level management. 

        The secret to success in recruiting finance leaders lies in the deep understanding of all causes that influence their ongoing change to adequately address the newly-developed expectations business leaders have from this role.

        Apart from technology, economic globalization has impacted Chief Financial Officers’ accountability for regulatory adherence and compliance, shifting them further toward enterprise risk management. Going global has broadened the playing field, and CFOs have to be aware of all risks facing the company. It’s no longer enough to think about financial compliance; the stakes are now on a much higher level, with economic and geopolitical instabilities influencing corporate decision making. Risks have skyrocketed with the coronavirus outbreak dumping a tremendous amount of pressure on CFOs across the globe.

        It’s not that hard to assume what the future holds for CFOs. Their key priorities will be to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase profitability to tackle the ongoing crisis. Digital transformation is only a portion of the overall financial transformation CFOs will continue to drive in the future. Improved use of data and data insights will play a significant role in achieving these goals. This is where cloud platforms and new technologies play an essential source of CFO innovation and value-added to their business. 

        This unique cross-functional nature of the role is becoming more prominent, with CFOs assuming a proactive role as the change agent in their companies. Their leadership capability comes forth really strongly here, and it’s becoming clear that businesses will rely on this even more in the future.

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        斯坦范甘迪:软的东西就是硬的东西——尤其是在NBA领先的时候 //www.emowv.com/stan-van-gundy-the-soft-stuff-is-the-hard-stuff-especially-when-leading-in-the-nba/ 杰弗里•科恩 星期一,1月11日13:00:39 +0000 领导 的意见 领导力和团队合作 领导一个团队 188bet金宝搏体育 领导 //www.emowv.com/?p=112874 范甘迪。新奥尔良鹈鹕主教练斯坦·范甘迪:N2Growth.

        在19,锡安威廉森在2019年的NBA选秀大会起草的新奥尔良鹈鹕号之一。  Many experts immediately compared the young star to LeBron James, who had already cemented his place in history on the Mount Rushmore of basketball, alongside Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.  Those are some big shoes to fill.

        Pelican team owners likely realized they needed a new coach to mentor the rising star, as well as the many other young players on the emergent Pelican’s team.  They needed a new leader who could teach them new things, test their limits, get them out of their comfort zone, and learn every single day.  Zion, and all of the other players, many of them in their early 20’s, needed a coach who could demand respect and immediately garner trust.  In professional sports, especially basketball, trust is everything.  Players need a coach who can push them beyond their limits and help them off the floor when they inevitably hit bumps and failures along the way.

        After a vigorous search, Stan Van Gundy was chosen by the Pelican’s front office.  He seemed like the perfect choice.  He had a track record of mentoring young, rising star talent and helping them reach their full leadership potential.  And his authenticity fostered trust.  Players immediately connect with Coach Van Gundy.

        In our interview, he shares key insights.  “Players want to be pushed hard.  They want to test their boundaries. They want tough feedback and tough love.  That’s the only way they get better, and they know that,” according to Van Gundy.  Van Gundy also shares their values, which also fosters trust and facilitates more meaningful conversations with the players.  Shared values create deep, visceral human connections with players.

        Wait, how does a middle age, privileged white guy, like Van Gundy, share the same values as predominantly African American 20-year-old athletes, many of whom grew up poor or even in broken families?

        In Van Gundy’s own words, “I’m a poster boy for white privilege. I’ve led a privileged life, so I only know about these issues, and these problems, and these inequities from people I’ve been associated with, work with, know, care about. I don’t carry the issue. But just because something doesn’t happen to you, if it’s happening to people you know, if it’s happening to people you care about, you care about the issue.”

        And that’s the central point.  Van Gundy is the epitome of self-awareness and authenticity.  He redefines empathy. Almost magically, he is able to put himself into the size 14 sneakers of his players.  And they respect him immensely for it.  The empathy—and the so-called ‘soft skills’—creates a connection.  This kind of a strong bond is necessary when the ‘coach’ asks his players to try something new and unproven, or to work harder, or to push their natural limits, or to bounce back from failure—a lost game, a missed shot, an injury, or the occasional harsh, but constructive criticism.

        Here’s the hard algebra of soft skills.  It starts with self-awareness, then comes empathy, then comes a strong connection, and then comes trust.  Skip one step of this algebraic formula and the math doesn’t work.  Van Gundy knows this.  He’s been practicing soft skills his entire career.

        Even coaches on competing teams love Van Gundy.  Former NBA Championship Coach Doc Rivers raves about Van Gundy, calling him passionate, educated, and inspiring.  Van Gundy is an effective leader because he’s a complete human being.  Rivers commented, “Van Gundy clearly explains why social justice is important. He talks a lot about this being an American problem and it doesn’t matter what color you are. Wrong is wrong and right is right. … His passion is real, it’s consistent, and it’s awesome.”

        Let’s get back to Zion and the Pelicans.  They’re smack-dab in the middle of the fiercely competitive Western Conference, home of the Lakers, Clippers, and Nuggets. What do the Pelicans need to do to win a championship?  According to Van Gundy, “…make fewer mistakes, defensively make fewer mistakes, foul less, break down less, offensively pass the ball better, take care of the ball better.”  That’s all?

        Well, I never said he didn’t have work to do.  But he’s got Zion.  He’s got a lot of other young talent on the team.  And he’s got the mentoring, the coaching, and the soft skills needed to pull it off.  As a Pelican’s VP David Griffin recently said, “the players respect him as a man and that matters enormously.”

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